2020 Year-Round Up, Innovation for the New Normal
In this virtual boardroom event:
Hear Devin Parsons, Senior Leadership at bswift, as well as Craig St. Jean, OutSystems MVP and Director of the OutSystems Center of Excellence at Netlink. They will focus on how innovation has changed, and building software for the "new normal".
Additionally, they will catch-up on topics such as:
  • Delivering more value, faster, and with less effort by leveraging low-code and the OutSystems platform
  • Adopting the right mindset when preparing, innovating, and planning for the "new normal"
  • Digital trends emerging from COVID-19
  • Keeping business going in 2021 to deliver wins
  • Advice and guidance on how to get more agile sooner rather than later

About our guest speaker at the event: 
Hear from bswift VP and Head of Digital Transformation, Davin Parsons! Devin brings a wealth of experience in technology strategy and business strategy development, which he shares with us during his boardroom discussion with Craig.

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